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Have you ever felt unwell and eaten something you’ve been craving, like a chicken soup or your mum’s infamous biriyani and instantly felt perkier? Do you recall feeling a bit down but after having a chat with a bestie or looking at old photographs, are left smiling from inside afterwards?

The placebo effect is the term used in science to describe a physical improvement in symptoms caused by an indirect factor or in the case of a study, the ‘fake’ pill. When looking at the effectiveness of a drug or herb, trials will typically split the group of participants into those who are given the drug or herb/supplement and those given a fake. It is always fascinating when results of the latter group marry or sometimes peak that of the first. People believe they are taking something to make them feel better and as a result, they actually do feel better!

The mind is much more powerful than we can comprehend. Our thoughts and will-power are aligned with how our cells work and perform. What is causing the placebo is not important when the result is less pain, less bloating, less anxiety, less cancer?!

How to keep your thoughts healthy:

  • Give yourself a compliment, everyday

  • Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend

  • Tell yourself you have a fit, healthy and strong body- or whatever you would like for your health, body, mind, life. Then say it to yourself, write it down and remind yourself of it, everyday

  • Follow content, news and people what inspire you and make you feel good. Unfollow, block or create boundaries around anything that makes you feel otherwise

  • When you find yourself feeling unwell, ‘listen’ to your body and rest, sleep, drink water, call a friend

  • Give social media and upsetting news a break, put limits on your phone, put it in another room and pick up a good book instead

  • If you would like more guidance or support, speak to a therapist or health & wellness coach

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