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"Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up"

Brene´ Brown

one-to-one services

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6-8 weeks

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8 weeks



4-6 months

Give your body a chance to heal and reset, to improve your health concerns and understand the root cause of your symptoms with bespoke nutrition and lifestyle interventions, in a supportive and sustainable way. 

Learn what helps your body to thrive and ways that you can continue to support and strengthen the body's natural defences. 


Gain confidence around the foods you eat and impact your daily habits have on everything from sleep, stress and mood for a healthier, stronger, happier you. 


1x Initial Consultation, 90min

2x 45min Follow Up Appointments

1x 15min check in call





Do you have a desire to do more for your health and wellbeing and want to understand what might be stopping you from living the way you’ve always wanted?

Have you been trying to make changes for months, years even, but just can't seem to get the results you want or understand why things are not working? Do you feel overwhelmed, uninspired and just fed up of not being in control of your body, and simply need the time and patience to work it all our with someone who can help you understand what might be holding you back and take relevant action in order to get you the results you are so eager for?

Wellbeing Coaching allows you to get clear on your aspirations for all areas of life, address setbacks and move forward with purpose, intention and excitement.


8 week bespoke Coaching Programme with 1 hour weekly coaching sessions

Read more about what Wellbeing Coaching can offer you here



Experience the true meaning of holistic health with tailored nutritional therapy alongside bespoke wellbeing coaching for total support in addressing each of your health concerns, and experience the potential of what it really means to live well. 


Get the best of both with complimenting support on all areas of your wellbeing, from understanding and nurturing your body with the right foods, making relevant lifestyle changes, implementing supportive habits and improved and relevant mindset work to help you become fully immersed with making intentional, sustainable changes to move forward with your wellbeing, right from the source. 


Nutritional Therapy Review- 1x Initial Consultation, 2x Follow Ups

8x Wellbeing Coaching Sessions

2x 15min check in calls

Access via Whatsapp/email



additional services


group & corporate wellness

Corporate and group packages including

  • Tailored talks

  • Workshops 

  • In-house consultancy 

  • Wellbeing Programmes

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All services are available online or in person at various London locations, enquire now for more information

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