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one- to one services 


You are fed up of feeling unwell, complaining about the same symptoms (bloating, pain, tiredness, weight gain, acne etc.) and want to know what foods and habits will address your current concerns and improve your health in the long run. You want to feel confident in making your own informed choices around your food and lifestyle that work for you.

what's included 

  • Initial consultation (90mins)

  • 2x Follow up sessions (45min)

  • Tailored Health and Wellbeing Plan to address your symptoms and health goals, 

Depending on your requirements, your plan may include supplement and testing recommendations, which will be discussed with you


£360.00 - payment plans are available 


(nutritional & lifestyle medicine)


(wellbeing coaching)


You’re at a point where you want to make some proper, long term changes. You feel stuck, overwhelmed, emotional yet driven to want to be empowered about knowing what to do to feel your best. 


Health to you isn’t about a quick fix, its a lifestyle change. Its about working out what isn’t working and what you want to replace it with. Create goals and actions that are motivating and inspire the best in you, figure out what’s been holding you back and where you choose to, start afresh to see results you’ve been longing for. 


At this point in your life, you’re ready to put yourself first and do things properly. You to be guided and supported throughout, have the chance to vent and try new things, but are open to what else could work for you to be the best version of you, not just in health but also in life. 

what's included 

8x weekly coaching sessions- (60 mins each)

What you can expect from the sessions:

  • Create powerful goals that light you up

  • Understand your behaviour patterns and the possible root cause

  • Address your values and beliefs 

  • Be held accountable to take courageous steps each week

  • Have the chance to speak your truth in a safe, judgement free space

  • Get ongoing encouragement, resources and support to achieve what you actually want


Read more about what you can expect through wellbeing coaching, here


£960.00 - payment plans are available 

Initial consultations, follow up sessions and coaching sessions are all available to add on to either package

(healthy eating programme)



You bored of your every day meals and want to inject more health and fun into them! You want to know what to shop for, and how to make the most of every day ingredients that help you put quick, simple and nutritious meals on the table, every day. You're looking for some inspiration for your every day meals, without needing to buy another cook book or go to a cookery course. 

what's included 

Get a review of your current meal and eating habits, with tailored advice for how you can improve what you already cook and love. Learn how to cook more of the foods that are better for you and ways to make them taste great, too. Get tips around ways to improve the nutritional value of meals, brilliant ideas to make the most of store cupboard ingredients with a Healthy Pantry Guide, shop better with a Healthy Shopping Guide, plus over 30 delicious recipes, specially put together for this program- Cook Smart Eat Well Recipes. Read more about it here



(nutrition & wellbeing support)



Congratulations, you’re engaged! How exciting- there is loads to plan, beautiful details to think about and incredible memories to make for this next chapter of your life. 


Perhaps you also want to think about looking and feeling your best for the big day, too? 


I’ve designed this package to suit what every bride wants before her big day: glowing skin, less stress, healthily managing weight and balanced energy. With so much already on your plate, let me guide you to make subtle but mighty tweaks to your routine and feel amazing for your special day. You are the bride after all, you deserve the best! 

what's included 

1. Your Heath Consultation (60 min)


Complete the Bride- To Be Health Questionnaire to help me understand what your current diet and lifestyle habits are and where you might need additional support. From this I will put together tailored recommendations to suit your concerns and priorities around skin, stress, weight and energy. 


In addition you will receive: 

  • The Sleep Well Guide

  • Wellness Tips for the Stressed out Bride

  • Superways to Super your Food

  • Supplement recommendations where relevant (available with 10% discount) 


2. First Touch Point Call (30min)


After the first 2 weeks, we schedule a call to see how you are getting on with the wedding planning and your health plan! Here we might make some adjustments to the recommendations, and tweak as needed to better support you. It’s also a chance for you to let off some steam! 


3. Ongoing support and coaching via Whatsapp


I will be available Mon-Fri to offer support and answer questions that you may have during the course of the program. Anything that requires more information we can discuss on a catch up call 



Clients who book wedding sos that would like to book reset or renew thereafter, will be offered a 5% discount

additional services



tailored health talks and workshops 

  • Stress Management and Preventing Burnout

  • Benefits of Sleep
  • How to Build a Healthy Plate
  • Natural Ways to Boost Energy 
  • Goal Setting and Healthy Habits
  • Managing Menopause, Naturally     

clinic days

  • One-to-one drop in nutrition, health & wellbeing coaching reviews

content and consultancy

  • Blog/article posts

  • Brand collaborations

  • Menu/recipe development

My approach to working with clients, groups and brands is to be as collaborative and personalised as possible. Get in touch today to find out how we can work to reach your wellbeing objectives.


 Services are available online or in person at various London locations, enquire now for more. Click the link below for more information

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Ready to make some changes to your health and like what you see, but have some questions? Book a free no obligation call with me via the link below. 


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