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Brilliant Winter Foods for Glowy Skin

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

One of the key functions of our skin is to act as a barrier between the body and the environment. It literally keeps us together! It is also a mirror of how well we are internally, so it's important to notice when there are any changes on your skin; dryness, sensitivity, breakouts, redness. These are all messages about some irritation or imbalance that may need your attention. Adequate sleep and a sensible skincare routine are all helpful ways to keep your skin happy, but eating the right foods can be one of the most powerful ways to help your body and therefore skin, to glow. The winter chill can be harsh on skin, its cold outside but the heating is cranked up indoors, it can be burdensome for the body to adjust and often this leads to dry and dull skin.

Check out some these winter foods that will help keep your skin healthy and nourished.

Green Tea

When its cold outside, what better way to stay warm than a hot drink. Green tea offers that plus so much more as its packed with antioxidants that offer multiple protection to the body. Full of polyphenols that help to protect and fight bacteria, green tea is a lovely and gentle way to ease the body into naturally eliminating toxins, as well as keeping you hydrated. While its not caffeine free, green tea is a lovely alternative to anyone sensitive to coffee. Brew for around 5 minutes, the bitterness from the leaves are where all the goodness comes from.


Packed full of vitamin C, pomegranate is abundant in the summer and delicious over salads or with some fruit first thing in the morning. Vitamin C is one of the best known antioxidents helping to fight infection, protect against damage and aid repair all over the body. It's a potent ingredient added to skincare and used topically to help brighten and tone the skin.

Butternut Squash

The chemical compound or phytonutrient that gives carrots their vibrant colour is known caratones, a powerful anti-oxidant and also a natural form of vitamin A. Linked to helping prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases, vitamin A supports the growth and quality of new cells, contributing to healthy skin cell renewal that contributes to that after-facial-glow. Eaten with a healthy fat such as butter or olive oil will help the body to more efficiently absorb vitamin A. The same can be said for most red and orange coloured foods such as red peppers, sweet potato and pumpkin.


One of the best known superfoods, turmeric is a powerhouse of medicinal properties being shown to aid healing, protect against infection, soothe coughs, wounds and even certain cancers. It is a great spice to include in meals or hot drinks in the winter, to fight against infection.

Fans of season 2 of the Netflix show Bridgeton will recall the scene where Edwina Sharma is having a paste of turmeric applied to her skin the day before her wedding. A traditional Indian custom still practiced today, turmeric is a great natural remedy sometimes used topically to treat skin blemishes and acne.


Fats are essential for the health of every cell in the body. They maintain the right environment for proper cell function and play a role in brain health, bone health and help to lower inflammation anywhere in the body. Walnuts are a brilliant source of omega 6, which is a type of essential fatty acid (or fat) that we cannot make in the body, but is required for optimal health. Include a handful of oil rich nuts and seeds for optimal health and nourished skin.

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