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A programme designed to inspire your every day meals to work better for you at being healthier, simpler and tastier!

When it comes to meal times, in an ideal world, we'd all be well equipped with the right ingredients, time and know-how to prepare and cook foods that are nutritious, simple and please everyone's tastebuds. In reality however, we know how difficult that actually be as evening time mid-week (or otherwise) is so precious and life's demands can seem endless. And very few of us live the life of a1950s house-wife.

Even if like me, you love to cook and try to make a conscious effort to buy an extra bag of salad or eat a burger without the bun (why?!), these things are always tinged with a bit of distaste and feel like a punishment. And no-one should be punishing themselves over food!

What if I told you that I have created a brand new service with bespoke advice to help support, inspire and guide you to improve your home cooking that doesn't require hours in the kitchen, but helps you eat more well rounded meals and learn new ways to use ingredients that are exciting and sustainable?

Learn how you can meal prep better and create endless options with a few simple ingredients; get smarter with your food shop, understand how to make the most of what you already have and what to look for when reading food labels. Be inspired to make the most of pantry goods that will speed up meal times, help you put more interesting meals together while saving you time and money too.

And how about some recipes to inspire you further? I've created over 30 recipes for meal ideas, taking inspiration from your pantry, one pot meals, recipes to create more than one meal and so many of my own personal tips from salad and porridge ideas to sauce and marinades to accompany and perk up even the simplest foods.

Here is what you can expect:

- Share with me your food diary for a typical week

- Tell me all about what you're struggling with, what you'd like to cook more/less of, what your ideal meals would be or what you would like to learn

- Receive 1-2-1 guidance on how you can improve each meal with ideas around improved cooking methods, ways to make your meals last longer and how to get the most from your foods based on your preferences and lifestyle

- Get the specially designed Healthy Shopping Guide and Healthy Pantry Guide for guidance on your next food shop, ideas to make the most of every day pantry foods and tips to better your every day meals

- Receive the exclusive Cook Smart, Eat Well Recipe Guide for endless ideas and of course over 30 delicious recipes for every day meals and cooking hacks that are easy and accessible

To learn more and get started on making your meals better, get in touch with the subject Cook Smart and write to me at

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