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realise what true wellbeing looks like for you, by addressing your life completely, leading with meaningful action inspired by purpose, to flourish and be the best version of you

"It is health that is the real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver"

Mahatma Gandhi


Working with Minal is so easy... she is very knowledgable and always leads the sessions very smoothly and makes me feel very comfortable... She has her heart in what she does and she really wants to help to make a difference in people's life... I always look forward to our sessions as I always feel lifted and inspired... She always makes me find the answers within myself but has great suggestions too! I would 100% recommend her!


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What does it mean to be healthy

We live in a time of abundance. With Google at our fingertips, supermarket shelves stocked with 'superfoods' from every continent and celebrity backed campaigns of the latest pill or diet claiming to help us look younger, slimmer and prettier, we have access to more information than ever before. But does any of it actually work and aid your health for the long term? Or are you left feeling more confused and deflated than before?

Health can be complicated. Understanding why your body is feeling a certain way, being stuck in a rut, alone, confused, guilty, like you're being left behind and nothing is changing despite doing all the 'right things', can be hugely frustrating, expensive and stressful. Whilst quick fixes and sensationalist stories online might seem like something to easily implement, they don't necessarily deliver the right results and quickly find that you're back at square one. 


Unlike conventional medicine, nutritional therapy is based on the principle of treating the whole person rather than focussing on the symptom or disease at hand. Two people with the same health concerns won't necessarily require the same treatment. Every body is individual and should be treated that way. 

My aim is to help clients conquer their optimum health and wellbeing goals by working holistically and to the pace of the individual, enabling improvements across all areas of their lives. 



And believe it or not, it's not just about food. Our health is affected by all lifestyle factors such as how we cope with stress, the quality and quantity of sleep, how much we move each day, how satisfied we are with the work we do, the quality of our relationships and much more.



I offer tailored food and lifestyle advice designed with you and your needs in mind, taking the time to ensure you understand they 'why' behind the 'what'. I am passionate about making a difference by empowering people with the knowledge and tools to live a life that is healthy, enriched and fulfilling. It is what we all deserve. 

Wellbeing coaching offers the opportunity to explore what you are truly capable of when it comes to the fundamental needs of your wellbeing. Read more about what this entails and the difference it could make to you, here.  

Want to learn more? Book in a free 20 min chat with me to review your current health status, via the link below. 






“Imagine you’re standing on a tack.

How would you treat the pain?

The obvious answer is that you take the tack out of your foot. You wouldn’t just keep taking asprin until you felt better.


To truly feel better you have to get to the root cause of the pain”

Mark Hyman M.D.

How can I help?

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curious and want to find out more?

Unsure about what you need or how I might be able to help? Send me an email with your questions




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