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coaching ambitious women in their 30's to eat better, feel better, live better


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I was feeling run down and it was affecting my day-to-day. Little did I know how well (Minal's) guidance would help improve things. She tailored a plan for me, listened to what I wanted and made relevant suggestions, alongside weekly coaching. I felt educated and was surprised how quickly some of the changes improved my symptoms. Overall I feel much better, whilst knowing what food choices to make for myself!

- Shayal, Bristol

What does healthy look like?


Why is being healthy such a minefield- what does it even mean to be healthy?


There is so much noise out there about what we should be eating and doing, from Google and AI at our fingertips to viral trends promoted by "influencers" with millions of followers on socials. 


But you’re not after a quick fix. You want solid, honest, accurate advice to help you feel confident about making educated choices that not only improve how you feel today, but inspires you to feel good about the future, too. 


Right now, you feel stuck, lost and really confused about where to start or why things haven’t improved despite trying to make some changes. Maybe you already know what you need to do but can’t seem to get started, or you want help figuring that out for some much needed direction. Either way, you now want to do things properly and dedicate time for you, instead of second guessing everything from what to eat for lunch to what is making you breakout and bloat. 


And you’re willing to look at everything that could be contributing to your health, such as your emotions, behaviour and triggers, to properly address what might be going on for you to truly feel your best. You work hard and dedicate time to so many other things in your life, why not direct that same effort to the single most important thing- you and your wellbeing. 







There is no doubt that the decisions we make about the food we eat and lifestyle choices we live by, dictate our health from how well we manage stress, mood, energy levels, quality of sleep, chronic or sudden pain, infections, skin health and weight management etc.  

It sounds simple enough but, often people are totally overwhelmed by the idea of change or knowing where to begin to help themselves. 

And especially as women, our assumptions and tendencies towards recognising our actual needs, putting ourselves first and having confidence go for what we really want, are typically what hold us back. 

Besides understanding your symptoms and eating habits, my approach is to get to know you. Free of judgement, in a safe space where you feel seen and properly listened to.


I want to know what is important to you, what would you love to achieve, why is that important to you, what else in your story can give us clues about how you're feeling right now and what needs to change. Want to know how I can help, take a look at my services here

When we start to dig deeper, it becomes much more than simply what you put on your plate.

While some of these might seem irrelevant, it’s the answers to these questions that can help drive and inspire new action, and potentially help you realise significant blindspots that may be getting in the way of you feeling well.    

For example, have you ever considered how your relationships impact your health, or how you feel about your work or how your environment contributes to your wellbeing? This is what we do in coaching, putting you in the driving seat and allowing you to explore and dictate the steps you want to make. 


This is your chance to flip the page and get real about everything that might be getting in the way of your health.


This is your chance to heal, focus and flourish.

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