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Get kitchen savvy with a healthy pantry, alongside personalised dietary advice & delicious everyday recipes

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what is it

Are you tired of cooking the same foods, feel uninspired and end up pulling something out of the freezer, or feel compelled to whip out your phone and order a takeaway? Or are you unsure if what you're eating every day is actually good for you, portioned correctly and includes all the nutritious basics?

What if you were prepped with smartly stocked, tasty ingredients to help you put together quick, healthy and delicious meals any day of the week, with bespoke guidance, tips and tricks plus everyday recipes that you will want to cook all the time? 

Your pantry, store cupboard, shelf above the kitchen sink or other space used to store your non-perishable foods (tins, jars, dried herbs and spices), when used consciously, can save you time and money, and help feed one or many mouths.

- Food Diary review

- 1-2-1 Bespoke Nutrition Advice

- 1x 15x min follow up call

- Pantry Tips and Shopping Guide

- Pantry Essentials Guide

- Essential Healthy Pantry Recipes



Check out some of the recipes that feature in this package, such as Za'taar Winter Slaw, Chickpea curry and Mexican Wild Rice bowl that already feature on my blog. 

Get in touch to book for yourself or as a gift for someone special. 

What's included

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